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The AFKLEWC has witnessed without any information given by the Management the crisis still shaking the Air France Group

This crisis, which put some of the Air France unions against their management, has become a source of anxiety and anger for employees of the other components in the AFKL group.

It is the president of the group who resigns creating a crisis of governance, whereas the disagreement concerns only Air France

On top of the consulted employees in France, nearly 55,000 employees in France, the Netherlands, Europe and around the world are now concerned about the future of the group and therefore their jobs.

They could be threatened when the conflict does not concern them while no one (neither French management nor inter-union) has ever informed them or asked for their opinion

The ongoing days of strike have put an increased workload on all our staff, who did their utmost to accommodate impacted passengers to keep their loyalty to our group. And now they fear that the great efforts made by them -not only during the strike but for many years- are annihilated by the ‘non’- voters in France.

The AFKLEWC  is the place of convergence and joint work for 12 years between the representatives of the work councils of Air France, and KLM, and all of their European country subsidiaries. 

Today, AFKLEWC is the spokesperson for all these group employees who wish to turn the page of this sad sequence and return to the path of growth that alone guarantees our future and our jobs.



Air France KLM European Works Council

Select Committee


AFKLEWC Advice - JV North Atlantic,

Extra Plenary Meeting, Feb 5, 2018



The AFKLEWC is consulted this Monday 5th of February 2018 on the Blue Skies project (evolution of the transatlantic joint venture).


In the ambition to build on the strong joint position on routes between Europe and North America, Air France-KLM (AFKL) and Delta (DL) have decided to form a new joint venture (JV) with DL's JV partner Virgin Atlantic (VS). This JV replaces the existing JV between AFKL, DL and Alitalia.


Discussions have recently led to a definitive agreement for this new North-Atlantic JV between Air France-KLM, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, which will enable us to:


  • protect and develop AFKL activity on our most profitable network;
  • provide a structural answer to Alitalia’s positioning in the JV;
  • rebalance the financial settlement between parties;
  • create and share in synergies with Virgin Atlantic.


The AFKLEWC considers this development of the JV as good news and gives a positive advice on this project.


However, the AFKLEWC would like to obtain several answers and guarantees concerning the Group's teams in Europe and particularly in the UK.


The search for synergies with Virgin Atlantic must should not result in headcount reductions for the AFKL Group in the UK especially in the London and Manchester and Edinburgh corridors. On the contrary, headcount should be adapted throughout Europe if this evolution of the JV will lead to a significant increase in workloads. Indeed, the EWC already notes a heavy workload following the following the various reorganizations in Europe and is worried about a possible additional overload.


The AFKLEWC also asks for clarification on the newly created associate member status, which remains very vague and also asks questions about the Group's teams in Italy (as political uncertainties in Italy and developments are worrying for our clients).


AFKLEWC Advice - New organization,

Extra Plenary Meeting, Feb 5, 2018



The AFKLEWC is consulted on Monday 5th of February 2018 on a project to adjust the organization of the Air France-KLM Group.


The objectives of this adjustment:


  • Develop a strategy for the Group, which will take into account the changing needs of our customers, market trends and the competitive environment, as well as the emergence of new technologies and their impact on our business.
  • Explore opportunities to develop new activities
  • Improve coordination between the Group and airlines on customer issues


To this end, Management's proposal consists of:


  • Bring together in a single department all Group entities dealing with Strategy
  • Ensuring proximity between long-term innovation and brand strategy
  • To bring together in a single department all the Group Commercial departments together with the Client focused departments.
  • Improve coordination between the "Group Communication" and "Air France Communication & Brand Management" departments.
  • Maintain close cooperation with the Communication Departments of each company, as well as with all business lines.


The AFKLEWC shares the stated objectives for making this adjustment, and gives a positive advice to this project.


However, the KLM and Air France sales teams throughout Europe are also in contact with customers, market trends and the competitive environment, and need to be more closely involved in future strategic developments. Teams in Europe also want to ensure that the transfer of implementation and customer interaction functions within companies does not result in a backtracking of the excellent teamwork in the field. Furthermore, the AFKL Joint Teams request that procedures remain aligned and indeed even more aligned and further simplified.


The AFKLEWC also hopes that the commitment not to reduce staffing levels will be applied to teams in Europe, which have suffered a number of staff losses in recent years.


With regard to communication, the AFKLEWC notes that the notion of "double cap", discouraged in principle a few years ago, is now re-appearing.

Does this foreshadow a change of philosophy in the Group's organization?


Further, the AFKLEWC asks the Group Presidency if the position of General Secretary and Group HR Director and therefore, Chairman of the AFKLEWC will be filled quickly.


The AFKLEWC asks that a follow-up of these function and evolutions can be reviewed by the AFKLEWC in the "Group Strategy Commission".


EWC extraordinary plenary meeting - Agenda
February 5th, 2018


  1. Consultation - New organization
  2. Consultation - JV North Atlantic

Final Declaration, Plenary Meeting, Oct 10, 2017

This meeting was chaired by Mr. GATEAU, following the departure of Mr. NANTY, our former Chairman.

A new Secretary General of the Air France KLM Group should be appointed very quickly and will be our new President.




The meeting started with the presentation of Mr. ter Voert with a positive picture on the European market situation, things look promising for the coming months.

The four pillars of the business plan focus on customer, revenue, efficiency and staff.

Despite the good results and optimistic prospects, the CGEAFKL insisted that these results are only possible thanks to the involvement, professionalism and hard work of Air France KLM's teams and their subsidiaries in Europe.


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EWC plenary meeting - Agenda
October 10th, 2017


  1. Europe update
  2. Information - Acquisition of equity stakes
  3. Information - New organization
  4. Information - JV North Atlantic
  5. Election of a new member for the Board of Directors of Air France KLM
  6. Winter 17 Program AF / KLM / HOP! / TO
  7. AF KL Financial results
  8. JOON

An European Works Council

The Air France KLM European Works Council (AFKL EWC) is a body for the information and consultation of employees' representatives on issues concerning the whole Group, its subsidiaries and subsubsidiaries. It shall also be consulted with respect to transnational issues within the areas of competence set out below : A transnational decision is one taken at Air France KLM Group level concerning two Air France KLM Group undertakings or companies operating in two different countries.

The AFKL EWC is composed of 33 members, 33 deputies and and 6 country attendees representing 21 European Countries

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